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ProActive Spinning Ball Cat Toy

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Are You Looking For A Toy That Can Keep Your Cat Occupied, Active and Healthy? Well, Look No Further.

ProActive Spinning Ball is a clever piece of device that will keep your cat busy for hours while improving their IQ level as well as keeping them healthy.

Proactive Cat Toy with cat

Main Benefits:

🐾 Cat Toothbrush

🐾 Training

🐾 Improves IQ 

🐾 Catnip

🐾 Cat Scratcher 

🐾 Relives Anxiety 

ProActive Cat Toy Benefits

Thanks to its suction cup, our ProActive Spinning Ball can be placed on Floors, Doors, Windows or other flat surfaces. 

ProActive Cat Toy On Wall

The Bulge in the middle is the main interaction point as your cat will bite it while playing. The Bulge is made off the soft TPR Material and also allows you to apply Cat Toothpaste to maintain good dental hygiene. 

ProActive Cat Toy Dental Hygiene

Our ProActive Spinning Ball comes with a lighting ball and two catnip balls which can easily placed inside the outer sections so your cat can interact with them.

ProActive Cat Toy Lighting Ball and Catnip

Product Dimensions:

ProActive Spinning Ball Dimensions

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Why Choose Pets Bed Centre

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